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Conga Composer Error Messages

Running list of Conga error messages and their resolution

Insufficient privileges to access the Conga Composer Query Repository. Please contact your administrator.


  • The ID field on &QVarxId where x = 0-1-2 is invalid. Most likely caused by a copy-paste error

MALFORMED_QUERY: … no viable alternative …


  • Your Conga Composer URL is too long. Too many reports and/or queries. Too many long strings for pvX params. You can verify this by rearranging your reports and queries in the Composer URL. When you look at the View Data workbook, reports/queries that failed with the MALFORMED error now work and other that used to work now get the MALFORMED error

    The solution is to leverage QVarx and ReportVar or to replace soome queries and reports with Excel pivot tables rather than letting Salesforce do the aggregation and filtering

Problem: Invalid query record id. Required: 15- or 18-character Salesforce Record Id.


  • The obvious – you have the wrong Conga queryId
  • The not so obvious – you are improperly constructing the value of QVarx when used as a query pvX param.

    One cause of this is explained here – not using pipe-delimited QVarxFormat value

    Another and more subtle cause is misspelling the QVarxFormat param as QVarxFmt. Conga will use the default QVar0Format and not pipe-delimit the results.

*** No data found in this data set ***


  • Running report type Users with Territory management enabled

    If the reportId param does not include pv0=, then the first filter in the report will be smashed by Composer to be the master object Id (in my case, the QuickMerge_Link Sobject with Launch button. Setting pv0= with no params tells Composer to honor the existing first filter in the underlying report

    Example (works): [AmerTerr]00O800000060WXj?pv0=~pv2=foo

    Example (fails): [AmerTerr]00O800000060WXj?pv2=foo